Monday, February 21, 2011

Diet Coke! (the reason for my insanity?)

I have been wandering around lately with no clue whatsoever of what I am doing. Takes 2 days to wash and dry a load of towels. Clean dishes still in the dishwasher from Saturday, sink and counter full of dirty ones. Lost a pair of socks today I was planning on wearing, (they were green and matched), spent 20 minutes looking for them rather than getting a different pair. Which in turn made me late for an appointment. ( I ended up getting a new pair from the drawer.) I was bored and restless so decided to take my camera for a walk, got all the way to where I was going only to discover the memory card was in the computer at home.  I have no idea what is causing this absentmindedness but it is very frustrating. My husband and I went to see his nephews play a concert in Portland on Saturday; on the way home we stopped at a rest area , I was so dis-oriented when I came out that I ran directly into a wall, then tripped on a fence. I could see the car but couldn't figure out how to get to it. My daughter leaves me alone with her children, argh!

Today I went to Mama's with my grand-daughter Anastasia to clean house. I had absolutely no problems while defrosting mom's freezer or sweeping the floors. I even managed to find the comet without much of an issue. Anastasia and I drove down the street to get us all something to eat and I was fine. I get home and it starts all over again..

Is this a result of Diet Coke?  Am I just still crazy? I quit drinking beer some time ago  it can't be that. I have always been a bit flighty but this is ridiculous. Needed to send my address to a friend, the whole purpose in writing, then didn't give it to him. Gaw.  Oh well my cat's still love me.

I find it interesting that when I have to be coherent; such as when I have the babies, or when I am with Mama, or driving, that I don't seem to have any issues. Me thinks my brain is lazy.

It is a bit unsettling though, when I walk outside and have no idea why I'm out there.

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