Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Awards I have more!

Another special award was bestowed on me from Debbie of I feel very special indeed. Debbie writes of her life and how she manages to get through the day to day emotional upheavals with humor and devotion.

The rules of this are to bestow it onto 15 other bloggers; I will start the list today and finish at a later date.

1.) Andy David- of he writes the most incredibly romantic poetry I have read from a man's perspective.  I am not much of a romantic and he always gives me a moment or to of warm fuzzy's.

2.) Jewell of- A blog of humor about our world today, always makes me smile. Her photography is no joke though.

3.) Rimly of- who writes a beautiful poem, I always enjoy her words, even wen they make me cry.

4.) Susan Deborah of- a truly lovely blog that does as the title says meander through all kinds of topics, never failing to ask how her readers feel and what their experience has been.

5.) Ann Sattley of- this is a blog a bit satirical of the judicial system. Always humorous and always mind boggling, I always enjoy my visits here.

6.) Cathy Sweeny of- a beautiful blog of her travels, the photography is phenomenal always full of color and brilliant captures.

7.) Sili M. Recio of- A wonderful blog of single parenthood and how she masters her day to day, I love her and the little frog princess.

8.) Nelieta Mishchenko of- A blog full of wonderful adventures and beautiful photographs always with a story to tell along side.

9.) Leah Griffeth of- A wonderful blog that makes you think about the idiosyncrasies of life today, always with an unabashed honesty. I always enjoy visiting her blog and the things she has to say.

10.) Alejandro Guzman of- A wonderfully loving blog of a man raising his child on his own, huge on humor, and larger on love.

11.) Jim McIntosh of- This is a photography blog and so much more. Jim is a well traveled man with a deep love of nature and her animals as well as the people of the world. His photos are always at the very least well captioned but more than likely an informative narrative goes along with them.

12.) Alpana Jaiswal of- Poetry to make your heart ache or sing. Always beautifully written by a woman with much love in her heart. I am in love with her words.

13.) Savira YogaSavi of- An always inspirational place to visit, whether it be poetry or just her thoughts, a beautiful blog indeed.

14.) Amy Arrowood of-  A joyful blog on life with a family and finding me time in it. Always humorous and always true to life.

15.) Anna Sides of- A look at life through the lens and humor, always with love she tells the story of here day to day struggles. I become immersed in her stories.   


  1. Thank you Jan,I am deeply touched,and honored...Congratulations to all the winners.

  2. Congrats Jan...and congratulations and cheers to all the other winners of this award.

  3. jan, first of all a heartiest congratulations to you for both the awards. a smiley for you :).
    secondly congrats and hugs to all my blogger friends who are also awarded. cheers!

  4. Wow! You deserve the award. Thanks Jan. I see I'm up with the best again, great esteemed company!

  5. Congratulations to u and everyone! Thats soo nice f u Jan!!

    God Bless U

  6. Congratulation Jan, you so deserve this award and thank you for passing it along to me! I really am honored to accept it. I will need you to teach me what to do next my dear. I don't want any bad award juju following me around! LOL!
    Peace & Blessings,

  7. What a wonderful choice of bloggers you have chosen for granting this award, which is beautiful by the way! Congratulations to all!

  8. Thank you so much Jan. I'm honored (blushing). I am familiar with most of these blogs and will be sure to visit the ones that I am not. Thank you again :)

  9. Hello.
    Many congratulations Jan! I'm touched by your generosity & thoughtfulness.

    lol...I'm already a stalker of some of these blogs. I'll definitely go visit the ones I don't know yet.

    Congratulations too to everyone else.

    Thanks again Jan!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  10. Jan thank you so much. I am deeply touched by your kind gestures

  11. Thanks to all for the congratulations and to those receivers of this I was pleased as punch to be able to give it to you, you all deserve this and much more. <3<3<3

  12. Congrats Jan!
    You DO have one lovely blog. No wait! You have several lovely blogs, both photography and writing!

  13. Aw...Jan thank you for your kind words!

    You do have such a lovely blog...and such a lovely person!

    Thank You, Amy

  14. I love those you've awarded :) Congratulations ;)