Monday, November 28, 2011

Magnificent Monday: Quirky

Magnificent Monday Started by Jim at: Every week he picks a different subject and posts a blog on that subject. This week is Quirky;  if you would like to join in the fun there is a Mr.Linky on his page and leave your link on posts you visit. Have fun!!!

Believe it or not this was one of the most difficult for me. As quirky as I myself am, I couldn't figure out what to post. Couldn't figure out what is quirky and what is not....

Quirky art  at a resort near Sahale Falls, Oregon.

Quirky dog, he will play the ring game for hours. Great way for town dog to get his exercise and entertain his family.

Quirky dogs, best friends who like to think they are each other's breed.

Quirky rock formation. I will let you figure out the name. It is near Jasper Oregon.

Quirky family member, sneak attack.

Quirky cat. Yes that is his face he is sleeping on.

Very strange goose.

Skunk cabbage, grows in moist environments. You guess how it got it's name. yes it's  fragrance keeps the general public away.

Quirky photographers husband.

Quirky photographer's feet.

Quirky photographer and friend.


  1. This was such a refreshing post Jan! I really enjoyed your 'quirkiness' today :)

  2. What a trip! A dog climbing a tree...those realistic musicians...the whole shebang - I love quirky!

  3. Ha ha.. Jan!! So many quirky pics.. My faves were the dog and the goose. :P Enjoyed the pics. :)
    ~Punam @ DreamzForever

  4. Oh, these are absolutely fabulous! Quirky is good in my book! :)

  5. awww...this is so cute...and quirky. I like quirky, Jan!

  6. I was laughing when I got to the end of this Jan. Being so interested in feet as a shoemaker, I couldn't help thinking some has to be real quirky to take a shot of feet in water! But it's a real quirky and interesting effect you captured.

  7. @ Mary; thanks, It was a chore for me to put it together, I am glad you enjoyed it.

    @ J.R. Nova; Thank you.

    @ Debra; That dog really is fascinating to watch, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

    @ Punamjr; The goose was very personable as well as odd. Thanks for the visit.

    @ Martha; Thank you, <3

    @ Easy Hiker; Thank you for the visit, I have a quirky household...

    @ Sukanya; Thank you, glad you enjoyed.

    @ Jim; I take a lot of quirky photos Jim, Sometimes they become art, sometimes they don't leave the archives of the computer. I love the feet photo though. Thank you for the visit.

  8. Great collection of quirkiness! Especially like the quirky photographer angle -- well done!

  9. Thanks Cathy, didn't know how else to do it....

    Thank you, Alpana

  10. its a really quirky posts, atleast the pictures are. awesome post

  11. Thanks Zablon, I had some fun with this one.

  12. two posts in a row that made me laugh a lot. I didn't even have to check the dictionary for quirky lol...

    I love every single image you posted... esp. that cat inside the