Monday, January 10, 2011

Today was spent caring for my grandson and then spending time with my mother. A joyful day, Lewis played ate and went to sleep. the instant he saw me walk through the door he was bouncin and grinnin ear to ear. The not so little shit is a bundle full of laughter and tears. When he is hungry he wants to eat now damnit, when he is done he wants to sleep thank you very much. He plays on the floor, or in his bouncer/walker and flirts a lot. But mostly he eats and sleeps, and cries because he needs one or the other. I guess this is pretty normal for a 5 mo old baby. What isn't normal is that he is nearly crawling and standing up. he is a baby on the move, watching him is  an amazing journey into the world of joy. He never ceases to make me smile and come out of my own reverie.     

After being doused in the love and happiness of Lewis, I go to my Mama's home. No particular reason, just to hang out for a bit and "help" straighten up her sewing room. It doesn't really need to be done, I just wanted to visit and check up, with out her knowing I was. I am greeted with the same joy I received from the babe. Pure unadulterated love and happiness to see me and I her. I visit  often, we have learned a lot. As with Lewis, the first thing I had to do was run to McDonald's and get her some food, (I am so tired of McDonald's). She loves her mc nuggets, we ate and cleaned a little, then I sat and talked with her. We talk often about the past and things that happened. I learned today that my great-grandfather was a victim of attempted murder and  as a result of that attempt he had part of his skull removed. I had know idea. I'm sure I probably had heard the story before but have no recollection of it. I was brought out of myself once more. Mom is a great lady, one I waited way to long to appreciate.         

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