Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mom and Lew

I am tired and I'm sad. To much real life happening.
We should all take lessons from the two people I spent the morning with. My mother 86 years old and my grandson Lewis a year old next month. Mother could be so self absorbed an miserable, who would blame her. She has had a hard life, she is not though, she was so happy to be with Lewis and to have him tagging along on our errands today. Lewis treat his great grandmother with such sweetness and love. I was amazed at both of their behaviors. Mama was full of trepidation at having Lew with us. She has heard horror stories about how rambunctious he is, normally he is a little rascal. Today he was gentle. Upon our arrival he was shy and timid, after about 5 minutes he walked over to Gr.Gram and reached up his arms to be picked up. He had only met her a couple times before this. Mom is to frail to pick him up, she bent down and hugged him for all she was worth. (my mother doesn't hug). The day was set from there, not a single scream from Lew which he does when impatient, he did not try to get her glasses or grab her face. Mom was more patient than I have ever seen her be with a child. (I'm not sure she likes kids.) We ate lunch at her table and after he sat on her lap and "talked" to her while I did a few chores. They have bonded and are in love. It a special thing to watch.

While shopping mama uses a motorized cart and I pushed Lew in a regular cart. He wanted to be next to her. When out of their carts they both walked slow, meandering a bit. I chomping at the bit to keep things organized, get things done. We had no reason to rush, we had time to enjoy each other. They taught me acceptance.
A one year old baby taught me respect.


  1. the young and the old meet....there is something special that happens to a heart when that happens...As always...XOXOXOXO <3

  2. A really wonderful moment and memory for all of you to can be pretty great!!!
    I started following you

  3. Thanks Bonnie. @jim thank you for stopping by and following me.

  4. I'm now following you as well Jim. I have another blog , obviously I am not the photographer you are but give it a look see. Thanks.

  5. I'm now following you - I'm so happy to have found you on the Poe-a-tree Tour. Your poem is lovely and your posts are very interesting. I look forward to seeing more of them.

    Regards, Mari