Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Moment

A Friday Ritual-A photo-no words-capturing a moment from the week. A Simple,special, extraordinary moment. A moment you want to pause, savoir and remember.
"This Moment" is a Ritual found on "Life Inspired" by The Wee Man and "Almost There", by Sarah-Jane. Which I confiscated from "Raising Amelie" by Alejandro


  1. Oh how sweet! I love the hands of little ones!

    My moment:

  2. awwwwwwwwww isn't that a precious moment...As always...XOXOXOXO

  3. oh it's about to fall!!!!!!

    the baby or the chair?


  4. Awhh, how precious!

  5. He's going to climb that corporate ladder one day.

  6. @Neleita, yes I love those baby hands, I also love that they reach for me.
    @Bongo; any moment with the young ones is, as you know a precious moment.
    @Alehandro; Seems he is always about ready to fall off something... he is a rough and tumble boy. Besides I was only a couple inches away, LOL.
    @Anna, Yes a precious boy, until nap time...
    @ Alpana; He will take all the hugs he can get..
    @ Jim, I would not be surprised.

    @ everyone; thank you for stopping by.

  7. bloomin' heck - that's balance and danger all in one :) some danger found at–-8/

  8. Aww adorable moment! My son would , and still does, climb on just about anything! Great moment!