Monday, August 29, 2011

Magnificent Monday: Flower Power

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Today's post is titled Flower Power-I'm going to twist it up and make it The Power of Flowers!
My mother was an avid gardener, then she broke her hip, and ended up with 2 hip replacements. She cannot care for her yard and flowers any longer. Mom became very sad much of the time, there are other things she has had to give up as well that brought her joy. I am no gardener, but I have made some feeble attempts at bringing her some smiles with a flower or two. A year and a half ago I attempted to start some dahlias from seed. These did not do to well the first year and were rather ignored during the winter, on the back porch with no water or food. Imagine my mother's joy when suddenly this summer she got this blossom.
 It actually grew, she was so happy and excited, she called me to let me know it had a bud on it.
the yard you see her looking at in the first photo was a disaster area for many years of her residence there. Suddenly the place sold. The new owner pulled out "those disgusting bushes", filled the yard with wild flowers and roses. I am still hearing how glad she is that "Gloria" did something with that yard. She smiles when she looks out the window.
My daughter's family and I attempted to do some flower  pots for mom for Mother's Day, well, they looked pretty good when we delivered them, they receive such little care that I am surprised they survived at all. Mom is so very pleased to have the splash of color on her porch, I do feel a bit guilty that I haven't cared for them better.
The power of these flowers was to bring my mother joy and conversation with her neighbors, mom is very shy, except when speaking of flowers or cats. The flower power has helped mom and I to heal a strained relationship, and share the wonder of nature.
 the rest of these flowers are found around her home at different times of the year, I must add first though that the Iris plants are her pride and joy and Violets are her favorite.

 Lily of the Valley her
2nd favorite flower.

 Azalea she has 4

 Pansy the all purpose smile
This is what she sees through her open door. They are not so magnificent looking, but majestic in the love they have brought forth.
Now these are flowers that always smile, I make my yard as full of these as I can.I always have hollyhocks, I don't want my garden fairies naked.


  1. Wow beautiful pictures... Flowers do have a way of cheering the soul...

  2. What a wonderful story of a daughter's love for her mother and the power of nature's beauty. Really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for letting us see your love for your mom!!!

  3. @ Savira, I don't know where I would be without the flowers ...Thank you for stopping by and leavin some love.

    @Jim, Thank you for being here, and reading my story.

  4. Beautiful pictures Jan,its always a pleasure to be here.

  5. What a beautiful story Jan and I love the photos! So many to choose from and they are all beautiful. I could almost smell them!

  6. Absolutely wonderful Jan. Glory to the healing power of flowers. I still reckon the pansey has the cheekiest smile of all flowers,

  7. These are some of the most beautiful flowers! How sweet of you to give your mom such a great gift that she can enjoy and experience every day! Loved this post.

  8. @ Alpana, Thank you for being here.

    @Nelieta, Thank you for stopping by, mama so loves her flowers.

    @ Jim, I agree, Pansies have the bestest smiles.

    @ Tameka, thank you for stopping by and for the love.

  9. My grandmother's favourite flower is Lily of the Valley - she carried it in her wedding bouquet. Flowers and gardens are very important in our family :) Thanks for sharing Jan.

  10. WOW! flowers know magic, they rejuvenate a tainted soul, they cure a depressive mind....they bring life.

    the pictures of the flowers and the different shade of violet were soothing to the soul.

  11. Sancheeta, I agree they bring life, glad you enjoyed your visit to my post.

  12. What a beautiful story Jan, sniffle sniffle as I sit her remembering my mother and her love of flowers. She had them everywhere, which is where I probably gained my love as well. When she had her first heart attack, she was unable to care for them. Being the baby of the family and only a young teenager at the time, I took over the 'chore', as it was not really a 'love' at that time. Now, I find myself doing exactly like she everywhere throughout spring and summer. I tell my children that they will not always 'hate' helping with flowering and that someday they will be telling their children about their 'mom' and her love of flowers.
    I really enjoyed your photos and story today Jan over a fresh cup of coffee and a brisk morning :) Thank you!

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  14. Beautiful shots, and a wonderful story. I'm sure your mom appreciated your efforts more than you will ever know :)

  15. I have a broken leg and know how she feels wheelchair and all even the urge to want to plant flowers and a garden but cant! Your so sweet to plant flowers and all the varieties are stunning! You gave your Mother alot of love and joy! Thankyou for sharing I enjoyed it very much I cant wait to see what you and your Mother plant next yr! Gorgeous Flowers!