Sunday, September 18, 2011

Magnificent Monday: Colors

Magnificent Monday: hosted by Jim at, Each week there is a different theme, this week is colors; check out his blog and leave your Magnificent Monday link on the Mr.Linky, and any post you visit. Come join us on our journey.
For me, myself and I colors are nature (except orange), I mean orange is in nature but I don't like it much. As to the why's , I have no idea, just never have. I went through years of not liking pink as well, even though everyone said how good it looked on me. I thought it was an over feminine color, to much for this country girl. Silliness I know. Still the aversion to orange hangs with me. It could be, I suppose all those 70's orange and olive green decors I had to endure, or the fact that our cities main sports rival  wears black and orange, I doubt that though, I have an almost as equally strong aversion to sports as well. Not the ones the kids play for fun, but the ones that give people a free ride in school that put no effort into the classroom. Never mind, this is about colors. Now I am not going to say that I have not seen beautiful shades of orange in nature, I certainly have, I've been to some very red and orange places, Wyoming for one, and I have seen some beautiful sunrises and sunsets that were dominantly orange.

  There is nothing to compare with the blue of Crater Lake; not even the sky,as you can see here the lake is more blue. The peace and calm from being surrounded by blue is phenomenal.

If you look at this little guy/girl, you can see so many different colors of the earth in his/her fur, brown, tan, white, black and everything in between. Seeing them is always a reason to smile.

Well look at that; I found some orange, a wonderful lily sparkling it's orange color from among the green all around, creating a majestic pose for itself. Now this orange I can deal with.

The wondrous little lady bug, all dressed in orange and black, Oh, there is one in red, they come in both colors, I would never discriminate between the two.

Daisy all pristine in their white petals of love.

Sahalie Falls Oregon, creating rainbows of color for all to see, the beauty of which cannot be shamed.

 One of those orange tinted sunsets I mentioned, a lovely sight.
 This is one of the examples of why I don't like orange, a dying tree.

 A perfect reason to love orange, Baby Lewis  is all orange after enjoying his treat.
 Does anyone know what these are, or what the blossoms were before the seed pods?

 Bright yellow, green and brown, nature at its best, I believe.
 Deep deep yellow, almost orange, but not quite there.

            Man working with nature to create beauty.

Another orange I can love, but actually....he is more buff.

                                     Just pretty, that's all, fall is on the way.

A good reason to have a serious dislike on orange, argh, those construction zones.

Green, need I say more?

                               This moonchild is convinced, a harvest moon was all it took.


  1. Perfect selection of colours - beautiful photos and I love the end with the moon. Stunning! oxox

  2. You're trying hard to convince yourself you don't like orange Jan. But it's not working....
    BTW that dying tree is giving life to lots of insects, fungi, bacteria which will decay the wood and provide nutrients for new seeds to germinate and grow into new trees.

  3. @ SJ: Thanks SJ, I'm surprised I even got this up. Thank you, I love that moon photo too, I'm not sure if it was a real harvest moon or because of the smoke from forest fires, but whatever caused it, it was stunning.Thank you for stopping by.

    @ Jim: I truly had no idea how much orange I had in my photos, until I started this post. I was amazed.
    I know the dead tree will feed the eco system Jim, we just have an awfully lot of blighted trees in Oregon, we have a beetle killing our forests, as if the humans haven't done enough damage. The beetle were brought in from overseas. I will have to look it up again, I've forgotten all the details. It just makes me sad. Thanks for the visit.

  4. @ Jim:Well I just did a search and it seems I was all wrong, not surprising really. It is indeed beetles that are killing our trees, but it is the weather that is causing the issue to escalate. They are indigenous to our area. It is all up and down the western United States and Canada.The Western Pine beetle and some other species are the killers. Anyway just wanted to straighten my mess out.

  5. Jan I love the Crater Lake shot I have never been there but need to correct that some day!! The cats are great they make great subjects.. interesting post as always thank You

  6. Thank you JP for the visit. You need to get to Crater Lake, I really want to see your photos. There is so much to photograph, I could have been there a week and not gotten it all.

  7. I haven't been to Crater Lake in years - your photo of it is beautiful. I love the little lady bug photos also. Lewis is adorable with his after snack orange face :D Great photos all.

  8. Thank you Mari. I hadn't been to the lake in years either. It still instills the peace now as then and even smells the same. Thanks for visiting and the encouragement.

  9. Your FAAAAABULOUS selection of oranges is nearly red ... and SO vibrant and beautiful. Oh, and the other pix are great too!!

  10. Thank you, I had fun. Thank you for stopping by.