Monday, October 3, 2011

Magnificent Monday: Spring/Fall

 Another Magnificent Monday is nearly here. This weeks theme is Spring and Fall. Since I live in the Northwest of the United States for me it will be Fall.

Fall means several different things to me: The smell of rain and wet soil, which I love. The air is clean and brisk not to cold yet. In our area a bit damp, lots of rain, I have come to appreciate all the rain in the forests, lakes and rivers that we have.

Kiddos in feety jammies, long sleeved shirts, quiet play, warm and cozy.

Birds migrating through, harvesting the seeds I leave in the garden.

The last blossoms of the season, before the sleep for the next couple of months, to be renewed with new life.

Leaves just starting to turn, making the hillsides a canvas of beautiful colors, the critters running to and fro to collect what they can and fatten up before the pickings get slim. If you sit still and listen you can hear it all going on.

Small rivers already starting to swell with the rain.
Coastal fog and rain, first squall of fall, moving the sand and clearing the beaches of most non locals, few can handle the first winds of fall.
 Vibrant naked ladies bursting forth through the damp soil to give us one last pop of color.
Time to come inside and keep each other warm, stew on the stove, cookies in the oven, conversations constant as we get to know one another once more. 

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  1. Jan, you always amaze me with the grandeur of your posts. You manage to portray so much joy in this. The change of seasons to Fall is often colder, wetter, but you still came up with lively, brilliant flowers and that touch of colour in the forests. Oh and the kids!

  2. Lovely pics...the flowers are so beautiful. Captured well.

  3. This is such a wonderful post and I enjoyed reading it! It sounds like you are looking forward to fall :) Stunning photos Jan!


  4. There so much variety, such beauty and so much appreciation for life to be found in this post, Jan! You are amazing...

  5. this was so pretty but can i have spring and summer back please...As always....XOXOXOXO

  6. Lovely pictures Jan....its always a pleasure to be here.

  7. Your photos have captured the true nature of the season. We too are just now beginning to change. It brings on a whole new sense to my being. Thank you for such a lovely post.

  8. I love the change of seasons. The cooling weather brings images of hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace :)

  9. You did a magnificent job of conveying your love of fall!! Wonderful words with some great images. I really enjoyed seeing and reading this. Thank You

  10. @ Jim: Thank you, I am honored by your praise.
    @ Janu: Thank you for visiting and commenting.
    @ Nelieta: Thank you, I appreciate your words and thank you for the visit. I do love fall, very much.
    @ Corinne: being positive about the season changes is fairly easy one leading into the next. It is in the dead of winter I have a difficult time.
    @ Bongo: It would be nice if I could grant your wish for you, but alas I cannot. <3<3<3
    @ Alpana: Thank you.
    @ Mary: thank you for the visit.
    @ Anna: Oh yes I agree. Thank you!
    @ JP: Thank you for the compliments, you are always aso encouraging.

  11. Jan, I love your words...autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year and you have made me miss it even more. I live in Florida where the changes are so subtle that they often go unnoticed.
    Are these your photographs? They are amazing! I can see that this is a place to come for inspiration.

  12. @ Leah, thank you so much, I love season changes, Fall is such a glorious time for me. I just watched a squirrel battle a green walnut across a line of trees outside my window, to bury it probably in my garden.
    There is so much activity....

  13. You really captured some of the most wonderful things about Fall. The smell of rain, brisk air, cookies in the oven -- I love this season!

  14. Beautiful flowers and have a good eye for capturing beauty and joy. Loved your pictures.

  15. A nice selection of shots. Great colors!