Monday, November 7, 2011

You Tube Tuesday

You Tube Tuesday; a tradition started by Josh at Each week pick a favorite video and post it on your blog. Put your link on the Mr. Linky at It's Tiger Time, and visit all the others links as well. Join us and see how much fun we can have. Each month Josh will highlight one video and award them the You Tube Tuesday Video Award.

Here is mine.   ENJOY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Jan, Lovely video...I would have loved to be on the train with the amazing band.

  2. Great one Jan...
    my link:

  3. You picked a winner Jan!
    An oldie but a goldie ;-)

  4. I just watched Blues Brothers on TV a few nights ago but, it was late in the movie and I missed Cab's parts. Love love love me some Cab Calloway. The youngsters don't know anything about some Cab Calloway.

  5. @ Sulekkha; I miss real instruments. Thank you.

    @ Alpana; Thanks!

    @ Debra; Thank you, I love it.

    @ forjenssake; Sad isn't it how the masters get forgotten. I love Cab. Thank you.

    <3<3<3 jan

  6. Is this what we might call...'Saved by the band'??? Loved it!

  7. LOL..loved the way he woke the people up! Great video, Jan!


  8. The ending is priceless LOL.

  9. I agree with Mary...Saved by the band......As always.....XOXOXOXOO

  10. @ Rimly; Thanks.<3<3<3

    @ Mary; Yes I do think that is what that would be. Thank you.<3<3<3

    @ Nelieta; He always wakes me up too! Thank you! <3<3<3

    @ Anna; LOL I thought so! <3<3<3

  11. Great selection...The first video of Cab I've ever seen and it was really enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Hello.
    This was a long video, but it was worth watching. Cab certainly had some slick dance moves & the ending was a hoot!

    Great choice Jan!
    Thanks for sharing.

    My latest post:
    Queen Of Flowers

  13. @ David; Thanks I love the man and his band.

    @ Andy; I love this one.