Monday, November 21, 2011

You Tube Tuesday

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  1. @ Janu; Yes so very sad and so very true. An everyday occurrence.

  2. This is very sad, so sad!


  3. Harrowing! But a story that needs telling

  4. excellent....As always...XOXOXOXOOXO

  5. @ Portia, Thank for visiting. <3

    @ Alpana, all the more because it is so real. thank you for stopping in. <3

    @ Nelieta; It made me cry,<3

    @ Larry; Indeed it does, the longer we are silent the longer it hurts. Thank you for stopping in. <3

    @ Bongo; Thanks. <3

  6. Oh Jan, this is a powerful and moving video. I've read your story and somehow anything associated with abuse or anything that causes suffering for children are the closest to my heart.

    I wish we could make a haven for children where they could feel secure, safe and protected.

    They have all the right to live happy.

    Oh, blast these people who make them suffer...

    I hope many people will be aware of this.

  7. I too wish for that haven for the children of today. It is much better than when I was a child, now when finally caught at least there are consequences. Everyone has a right to live happy, my hope and prayer is that for every person that knows what it is, will bring it to light in their lives some how some way and help to spread awareness. <3<3<3

  8. Incredible. Provocative. Informative.

    Thank you.

    Linda Della Donna

  9. My heart is crying after watching this Jan :(

  10. Such a sad song, but so very true. That is the worst part about it too!

  11. Sad :'(