Monday, February 7, 2011


I haven't written for a while. The reasoning? I just haven't been able too! To many things going on and my brain is in overdrive. Jury Duty, sick grandsons, husband hurt can't work, son in jail once more and now it is raining again. I don't really care about the rain, it is rather fitting. I hate when it is beautiful out and I am black inside. I walk and take my pictures reveling in the fact that spring truly is near, I breath deep and take my time, I accomplish things, I celebrate the small stuff, yah the floor is clean, kinda stuff.
Took Mama to the Doctor the other day for her first foot treatment; she loved it; I was envious until I remembered why it was necessary. She is losing the feeling in her feet. Something that happens with age. I was gratified to see the Doctor convinced her to lotion them and use a callous remover and also to get proper shoes. Her general response has been,"I have never used lotion", Reb says;"yeah we can tell." Anyway now she is using lotion, and taking care in general. Like a child with a parent, she is learning that we are right a lot of the time, with our suggestions and advice.

How difficult this must be for her. She has always had all the answers or tried to help me find them. I realize now how much I disregarded her words of wisdom. Mom has a hard time accepting that our roles are reversing, let's face it until recently I was not someone you could count on. Building trust takes awhile, I've learned this, I am not in a hurry. I get concerned when it pertains to her health, sometimes I want to shake her shoulders and say listen to me. Obviously that would accomplish nothing,  I bring up touchy subjects with the Doctor, the Doctor tells her, she follows directions. My job is done. 


  1. feels so trite for me to will get better...people have been telling me that for so long.. and they are's just I can't see it right are visiting that darkness too .. I feel you...I see you...I am here with will get better...Keep writing....As always...XOXOXOXO

  2. Thank you as always your words mean so much.<3

  3. Keep celebrating the small stuff Jan. It helps us through the bleakness of life.
    Love and prayers.