Monday, April 4, 2011

The Beach, Kenny and The Inch

I woke up this morning with a restlessness in my heart. I have wanted to go to the beach for weeks. I have little or no concern for the weather, I was raised on the southern Oregon coast, the weather is what it is when you get there. I called first my mother, then my sister, then my daughter came home sick, she was a no, my best friend was home sick, daughter in law didn't answer her phone and my neighbor had a doctors appointment. Shit, I grabbed my dog and went anyway, it is only an hour drive after all, anxiety be damned. It turned out I had no anxiety and enjoyed myself thoroughly, the dog and I explored the jetty and the beach, she chased gulls and I tried to take pictures in the fog so dense, I could barely see her at the end of her lead. The sea lions were playing in the surf, elusive for pictures, having a good time just being. Yona loved the time with me and I loved the time alone. Why did I wait so long?

We left the Jetty beach and went into old towne, I don't go for the shoppes, I like to look but it is better with a friend. I watched a boat being unloaded of it's catch, got rained on some more and took more pictures. Memories from the area and my childhood from my home town flooded back. First time in awhile it was good memories. The drive home after a stop at my favorite A&W , rootbeer, chicken and fries, was fairly uneventful, rain and wind little traffic, it is Monday.

I got home, when I entered the front door, I was greeted by my daughter's boyfriend telling me "Kenny is here and he is really fucked up, he got here about 2 minutes ago." My brain that had been so settled went into a spin,  I am not doing this I refuse. He is so drunk he can't walk or talk, absolutely ridiculously drunk. Remember that inch I talked about a few blogs back, here he is trying to take the mile. He was here for four days with his girlfriend, when he left yesterday I told him to make it awhile before he came back. Sure, little over 24hrs and here he is. To make matters worse, his sister, who lives with me , got a phone call today, asking that she go take care of her boys for the week. She is; she is gone, here I am alone with my life sapping son. What should have been a relaxing and quiet week with the house empty is no more. I will run him off in the morning , be sure of that, he is to drunk tonight, he'd probably pass out in a puddle and drown.

I am still high on adventure and he is passed out so I do have quiet tonight and not a lot of anxiety over tomorrow. My heart is okay and my mind is steady....for now. I will fall apart after he is gone. Right now I am mostly disgusted. I am appreciating  my life today, my camera, my friends, and the ocean, it is a great therapist.

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