Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gratitude. Positive.

I generally write about negative things here, but today I am taking a lesson from my oldest. Last week I was out doing my rounds; visiting family members, something I love doing . I try to help where I can, if no help is needed then I can give companionship and conversation. I was leaving my son's home and planning on hitting the freeway and heading home. On a whim, I decided I would go to my daughter's, not for a long visit, as I was incredibly tired.  Coming onto a set of tracks, a gentleman pulled up beside me and honked and yelled at me. Normally I'd have been freaked out by this, but on this day it didn't even really startle me. He was pointing at my tire and yelled that it was going flat. Well; shit, now what do I do? I limped over to my daughter's, made it all the way, I got to visit and they took me to my mama's.
Mama  allowed me to borrow her car. I have a spare, it is one of those donut things , I was not secure enough to drive  on it, as far as I would have to; to get home. My car was left in my daughter's carport; payday was a week away, even then I wasn't sure if we could  buy one tire, a whole set was out of the question, although we needed it badly.

Randy talked to his boss and on Friday, "john" had the tire company do a complete alignment and replace all four tires. On the company tab with their discount; the company to be reimbursed through payroll deduction. We never asked, Randy just told "john" of our dilemma,  he needed time off  to deal with his wife's car.

The reason for telling this is the change in our attitudes. Life's little trials have become much easier to cope with. It is taking time, and practice, seeing other people have faith in us for nearly the first time in our lives is a wonderful thing.

Now see; I could have been on the freeway, stuck, but for my daughter and family 's willingness to share. My mother's renewed faith allowed us to borrow her car, while Rebecca made sure gramma got her mail. Randy's boss had taken a leap of faith when he was hired 2 yrs. ago; Randy had failed the hiring drug test. He smoked pot all his life, had given it up, apparently not for long enough at the time. The company put him through,(they paid for it) an outpatient program, he passed and has been with them ever since and has proved himself to be a valuable employee.

How different for he and I to have people trust us and have faith.

Today I have gratitude that my daughter was and is willing to support  me in recovery , through the learning process, I'm grateful that I know love, I am grateful for my husband choosing to grow and learn at the same time. I am grateful for my mother, the support she gives ,the wonderful time I have with her. I am grateful that Rebecca and Noah share their family with me, I am grateful for Britt and Tim ,the laughter of them all. I am grateful for Sabrina and her boys, for all I have learned from them.Today; top on my list, is the smile Randy and I were able to coax out of a little boy named Henry.

Lest you think I have forgotten, I am  grateful to all of you who read and support and have become my friends.

Pictures are all cattywompus, but you get the idea.

Next time I write I will have more to say about my son; for now suffice it to say, hard as it is at times, I have hope and faith in the universe to care for him.


  1. I commend you and your husband for finding and staying in recovery. I also commend you for having gratitude. My experience, personally and professionally, tells me that we find what we look for. If you look for the good, you will find it or make it happen. Gratitude is one way of doing that. If you concentrate on the "bad" (for lack of a better term), you will find the bad. Matters in life, past, present or future, happen but they don't have to determine your life. Only you can choose what kind of path you take. Good work! Tim

  2. Thank you! I agree completely...most of the time, I can do that sometimes my illness get's the better of me.

  3. If you look for the good, you will find it or make it happen. Gratitude is one way of doing that. If you concentrate on the "bad" (for lack of a better term), you will find the bad.

    I have to repeat what Tim has said. Good kharma has a way of being attracted to where positivity and good will exists. Don't concentrate on the negative elements in life, write about the positives, you'll be amazed how, over time, you will have better happenings.

  4. Thanks Jim. As I said it takes practice. I am much better than I have been in the past.

  5. You know what I think....I love and admire you ..and your family....there is so much courage and strength.....and you give so much love and encouragement.....and i am one that see's and feels it....I love you...As always...XOXOXOXO...<3<3<3

  6. Aaawwwee thank you Bongo, I love you too. You are encouraging, look you got me on here. XOXO <3<3<3

  7. Thank god I came this place and your posts..will come back to read more..and this one is wonderful..honest.

  8. You have a beautiful family and so much strength remember to keep some for yourself. Your site is wonderful keep it up

  9. I am working all the time to stay strong and positive. Thank you Jessica <3

  10. Goodness and strength come in many different forms :)
    Your photos are beautiful! A lovely family :)