Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today was a beautiful day.Lewis (my grandson of 9 mo.) spent the night last night as he does once a week. He is strong willed, Very independent, extremely mobile, and always hungry. He is also full of love and laughter, loves my grandma dog and his papa. He fights sleep like no other child I have ever known, papa can get him to sleep in 2 minutes while I walk for an hour. This would be the reason he stays on week-ends.

After eating for a couple hours we went to the park, tried him on the swing he looked at me as if to say,"Yeah ,so what's the big deal." I trudged on trying to find something he would enjoy, tried the slide, nothing. Thought the water was cool but wanted out of the stroller to investigate. I then became a child, running up and down the unpaved paths and making motor noises. I am sure I looked like an idiot, he laughed and bounced and had a blast. I'm old, got tired pretty fast. There was one section of path that had a huge couple dips, was quite a push to get up the other side, I went back and forth over that because he just laughed and slapped his hands. There is nothing quite like being a child with a child. I laughed too, Randy and Yona had walked on by then so at least he didn't see me being so childlike.  Not that he doesn't know or anything.

I am so grateful for the time we have with Lewis, I wish that I could spend time like this with all of my grandbabies. I feel alive, I smile , I relax, the depression dissipates quickly When I am with any of them. Henry of course has a very special place in my heart....but that is another story.

The gratitude I have for my children, and their spouses for sharing their children is unending.

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