Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today's Words

Slowly things seem to be falling into place.
The brain is a buzz with possibilities.
Hope is alive and well.
Pain is running second now.
Love is in first place.
Honesty has taken the place of  deception.
Fear is subsiding.
Security is running rampant.
Heart is still broken.
Sadness still happens.
Tears are slower now.
Laughter more frequent.
Smiles given and received.
Time doesn't heal, the memories fade.
The sharpness starts to dull.
The shock wears off.
Self preservation; an instinct; takes over.
Not better yet.
Can see the possibilities now.
Respect given, respect received.
Hugs and kisses, that are sincere.
Destiny? Fate?
Rocky roads, switchback trails, steep mountains.
Clear path, straight lines, rolling hills.
Tear stained smiles.



  1. you're coming back ....I'm always...XOXOXOX

  2. I love how you've chronicled the road out of darkness..Wishing you more love and strength as you journey in to the light, dearest Jan.

  3. Thanks Bonnie, I'm on the way. Glad to see you too!<3<3<3
    Corrinne, Thank you so much! I've a long way to go, but I wont stay where I was.<3

  4. great poem and i and glad to see your doing better. i don't normally do this on other people Blogs but i think you could use a good laugh so pop on over to my blog and have a good old fashion laugh with hank the cowdog thank you for coming out of the dark place god bless

  5. Roy thank you. I was over at your blog I loved the videos of Hank the Cowdog.<3

  6. What a great poem and your photo is stunning. Such a feeling of sadness receding and hope rising. I wish you well on your journey.

  7. Beautiful photo Jan depicting your poem..coming out of the mists...the moisture of tears in the air...yet, a clearing on the horizon...and within Life's daily struggles, tomorrow's hope that the sun will shine again...Loved it...Always...

  8. Time doesn't heal, the memories fade... well said.

  9. Thank you Hocam, we all have our travesties, it does help to share. thank you for reading.

    At Ravenmyth; Thank you for coming by, I always love your posts. Thank you for the compliment.

  10. Beautiful...hope gives warmth to the weary soul...glad you are experiencing its fruits. ~blessings :)