Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday Moment

A Friday Ritual:
A photo-no words,capturing a moment from the week;
A Simple extraordinary moment.
A moment you want to pause,savor and remember
This Moment is a Ritual found on
"Life Inspired" by The Wee Man
"Almost There" by Sarah Jane
Which I confiscated from;
"Raising Amelie" by Alejandro.
Join us and leave your link on the blogs you visit along with a comment.


  1. So sweet Jan :)

  2. Helping hands...loving hands...hands that say so much. :)

    Here's my moment:

  3. @ Debbie; Thanks, That is little Tristyn getting help to pull himself up.

    @ Corinne; Thank you, his little hands do help me so much...

  4. love :) - plant love at–-11/

  5. A helping hand... beautiful moment indeed

  6. That is what we should always do, hold our child's hand, so that they know they are loved and protected. Poignant Jan

  7. Lovely moment Jan - goes perfectly with your blog theme too x

    Almost There - This Moment

  8. Great effect that you have created Jan! Full of mistery and it!

  9. it reminds me of this
    thank you for the memory god bless

  10. LOVE this!! And Jan, while I do hope you go look at my moment you REALLY NEED to look at the other posts on this blog, not Widow Lady, the Art and the human condition blog:

  11. Wow Jan...I really love this photo! Hope that someday down the road, you will put up a post one month and participate in my event. I would love to see what interesting photos you would share :)

  12. nice always,,,XOXOXOXOXO

  13. An intriguing moment, indeed. I love it Jan :)

  14. Reminds me of holding my little granddaughter's hand . . .
    Such a warm, intimate photo!

  15. @ Tbaoo; Thanks, I loved your moment.

    @ Savira; Thank you, my grand-kids are a wonderful inspiration for me.

    @ Rimly; yes I agree, no matter how old they get.

    @ Nelieta; Thank you, I had fun with this one.

    @ Roy; Such a good song, Thank you. I love Neil Diamond.

    @ Lisa; Thank you, I will visit. Be sure of that.

    @ Anna; Thank you. I am planning on it, truly. This one came about because it was way over exposed, I played around and got this, decided I liked it and shared.

    Thanks Bongo <3<3<3

    Thank you Mary.

    @ Martha; that's what I was going for. thank you!

  16. @ SJ; didn't mean to leave you out...Thank you, I am a lot about family and what it takes to stay one.

  17. Awwww - everyone needs a helping hand now and then. I love the editing on this!

  18. Thank you Mari, I actually had fun with it.

  19. Incredible, amazing editing. Love it.

  20. Something about it reminds me not only of an adult holding a child's hand but also God holding our hand, when we are aware of his presence and feeling his support.